What is Backplane Protocol?

Backplane Protocol lets trusted apps share information. When placed together on a web page, Backplane-compliant applications share user identity and other information, seamlessly, regardless of their source. Explained another way, Backplane Protocol is a secure framework for interaction between multiple, independent client- and server-side parties in the context of a browser session. In essence, Backplane Protocol defines a message distribution system where messages are delivered securely, reliably, in order, and in real time. When a user takes action in one app, the other apps will get the news from Backplane.

Backplane Protocol for Site Owners

Have multiple apps on your site? Backplane Protocol allows apps to speak to each other without integration headaches, additional costs and less time to deployment.

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Make Your Apps Backplane Compliant

Be part of an open ecosystem where your apps easily speak with others without going through customer by customer integrations.

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Backplane Server Operators

Want to operate your own Backplane Server or learn more about public operators currently running?

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