Bringing Backplane Up Front

Over the last month, we have been sharing Backplane with the world.

Backplane is a framework to facilitate interaction between multiple independent client and server side parties in the context of a browser session.

In short, it allows multiple widgets on a page to interoperate with each other using an open standard.

Backplane is very important to the healthy growth of the independent, open social web. It was first dreamed up by Khris Loux, Echo’s CEO and breathed into life by Vlad Skvortsov our VP of Engineering, Philippe Cailloux our COO and myself as VP of Strategy.

It has since been adopted and seen strong contribution from JanRain, Badgeville, Universal Music Group, Washington Post, Sports Illustrated and all of our customers.

On My 4th we, along with JanRain hosted a conversation about Backplane at the IIW. It went very well with key leaders of the oAuth 2.0 spec making some very valuable contributions.

On May 9th we, Janrain, Badgeville and Universal Music Group hosted a panel discussion about the protocol at SF Music Tech.

Listen to it here:

Download file

Lee Hammond – Universal Music Group
Matthew Barkoff – Badgeville
Vidya Shivkumar – Janrain
Chris Saad – Echo
Moderator: Mike McGuire – Gartner Research

More info: Backplane spec

And read some coverage here
Contribute to Backplane by learning on the official website

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