ProgrammableWeb Adds Backplane

This Week ProgrammableWeb added the Backplane Protocol APIs to their website in it’s post: “100 New APIs: Google Commerce Search, Intel and”. The right up that they did about the Backplane Protocol is below, or you can read the full post here.

Backplane JavaScript API: The Backplane JavaScript Library runs in an end user’s browser and mediates communication between Backplane-enabled Widgets on the page and the Backplane Server. The Backplane JavaScript Library provides an API for developers that assures it will be the first library to load on the page to make it possible for other scripts to use its subscription functionality.

Backplane Server API: The Backplane Server is an independent orchestrator of the message interchange between Backplane Clients and may serve multiple independent buses. Once the Backplane client has been recognized as authenticated and the buses specified then the server will continue through the authorization grant. The API uses OAuth2 and HTTP basic authentication and returns messages in JSON format.

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