Application Vendors

Application vendors support Backplane Protocol in their apps so they can tune into the Backplane Bus.

Chances are your Javascript Application is going to live on a page with many other apps. Backplane Protocol serves as a “message bus,” enabling applications developed by disparate vendors to communicate with each other in real time.

Backplane Diagram

The protocol is designed to be extremely flexible and can support a growing number of Application Scenarios.

The first scenario is ‘Authentication,’ where applications are able to share login information about the current user. For example, when a user logs in to the page, or to one of the apps on the page, all the other apps are notified of the user’s name, unique identifier, etc., so that they too can log the user in.

Other scenarios are being developed, including an ‘Activities Scenario,’ so apps can share activities similar to those found in Facebook’s Frictionless Sharing/Open Graph API.

Ideally, your app supports all appropriate, ratified Application Scenarios so that it inter-operates with other apps on any given page.

In addition, your app might introduce some new capabilities/features that are not yet addressed, which could result in the development of bespoke Application Scenarios or Generic Application Scenarios that are proposed to the wider community.

Key advantages for Application Vendors include:

  • Offer your customers a unified user experience for their users
  • Avoid costly integrations with proprietary APIs during customer deployments
  • Enable your app to be more quickly adopted by customers
  • Join a growing ecosystem of compliant apps

Getting Started: Making your app Backplane Compliant

  1. Stand up a test site/page.
  2. Choose a Backplane Server and follow their installation instructions.
  3. Install one or more Backplane-compliant apps from third parties so you have other apps to test against.
  4. Follow the Specifications found to the right to make your own app Backplane compliant and test interoperability with the other apps you’ve installed.

(Coming Soon: A testing environment so you can create and test your Backplane apps.)