Foundation gathering, open sourcing ID technology

The OpenID Foundation is quietly gathering technology and open source projects in hopes of establishing a neutral location where enterprises can get vetted identity resources separated from the financial interest of vendors.

On Monday, the Foundation showcased its newest addition, a message bus technology called Backplane, which was developed by Janrain and Echo… Read the whole post here>>

Bringing Backplane Up Front

Over the last month, we have been sharing Backplane with the world.

Backplane is a framework to facilitate interaction between multiple independent client and server side parties in the context of a browser session.

In short, it allows multiple widgets on a page to interoperate with each other using an open standard.

Backplane is very important to the healthy growth of the independent, open social web. It was first dreamed up by Khris Loux, Echo’s CEO and breathed into life by Vlad Skvortsov our VP of Engineering, Philippe Cailloux our COO and myself as VP of Strategy. [Read more...]