Janrain’s Commercial Production Servers and SLAs

Each commercial Backplane server operator maintains performance SLAs and metrics specific to that server. For information on available Backplane servers, see http://backplanex.com/server-operator/.

Application vendors wanting to add Backplane support can get access to a Backplane server, and the required credentials and bus information, via this web page: http://developers.janrain.com/developers/submit-your-backplane-integration/

Janrain’s service level agreement for Backplane is the same as that of our other services: 99.95% availability. Information on any disruptions of Janrain’s Backplane service during the past week are available at http://trust.janrain.com/current-status/.

Janrain is making our SLA terms, and our past and current record of upholding them, available for your review at trust.janrain.com.

Performance and Capacity

Our implementation in its current configuration allows for processing up to 36,000 messages per second and posting approximately 1,800 messages per second.

For More Information…

See the Backplane Protocol documentation on the Janrain Developers Portal.